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Massive Prop Selection

Hats Boas Glasses Lips Moustaches We have all the classic photo booth props  We also have a large collection of themed sign-style props suitable for many occasions.  Our sign prop collection includes themed props for: Birthdays Quinceañeras Engagements Weddings Bar...

On-the-spot Prints For Everyone!

Imagine having just completed the most epic poses with friends you haven’t seen for a decade, and your photo booth attendant hands the six of you two little blurry photo strips to share.  Eek!  That will never be FotoFunSpot!  FotoFunSpot photo booths always...

Open-style Photo Booths

FotoFunSpot services are all open-style photo booths.  Open-style booths don’t have an enclosure that guests have to cram into.  Open booths give your guests lots of room to jump, spread out and get crazy without sitting on each other’s lap.

Scheduling Your Wedding Photo Booth

Photo booths offer a great form of entertainment for your guests.  If you are going to have a photo booth at your wedding reception, we recommend starting the service early enough to allow the young kids lots of opportunity to come through, and keep the service going...