Virtual Photo Booth Walk-Thru

Christmas 2020 was so very different.  In the thick of a pandemic, people were doing a lot of staying safe at home, and about the last place on the list of priorities was a shopping mall, let alone, standing in line waiting for a photo with Santa.

FotoFunSpot decided to host a virtual photo booth that would allow people to create a photo with Santa without having to wait in long lines.  In fact, they didn’t have to wait anywhere!

We started by creating multiple digital frames (ie. photo templates) for the guests to select from.  The two snow globes are actually animated overlays with falling snow inside the glass bubble.

virtual photo booth photo with santa select template

After selecting from the templates, the guests can use the built-in camera to take a photo, or use the upload button to choose from photos already on their device/computer. 

virtual photo booth upload photo

If uploading a photo, it can be moved and resized to fit the frame as desired.

The virtual photo booth places the image into the frame for a quick preview.  If desired, the guest may retake the photo, or approve it to move forward.

santa virtual booth preview image

The photo booth software leverages artificial intelligence to remove the background from the photo, and prompts the user to choose a replacement, virtual background from the available choices.

Notice the background in the preview photo above, and compare it to the background behind the couple below.  The original “real” background has been removed entirely, and without the use of the traditional “green screen” needed for this type of photo.

santa virtual booth select background

With the background replaced, it’s time to move on to adding stickers.  Stickers can be almost any graphic or photo such as logos, mascots, people, or in this case, Santa!

santa virtual booth add stickers

Guests are allowed to add multiple stickers to their photo.  While adding the sticker, they can resize, move, and rotate the sticker to make it fit into the photo.

santa virtual booth size move rotate sticker

Now the photo is complete and ready to be shared!  Guests can email the photo to themselves for immediate delivery.  For Business Pro packages, texting can be added so the photo can be sent directly to their phone.

virtual photo booth share photo text email

And to complete the session, the guest is offered the opportunity to take another photo, or to be directed to a link of your choice.

virtual photo booth end dialog

Additional, optional features include:

  • per-device limits so all guests have opportunity to use booth
  • custom disclaimer that must be accepted before continuing
  • custom background and heading to match corporate/event brand
  • guest headshots can become stickers used to create virtual “group” photos

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