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Each year, the La Vista Community Foundation hosts a community fundraiser at the La Vista Convention Center. This year, FotoFunSpot was invited to be part of the event. Here are some pictures of how we setup the photo booth.

We used two 6′ tables, and two 4′ tables to create an “L” shape to define the shooting area. This creates a mostly square layout that is about 15′ wide and deep. At this event, we had lots of room on all three sides of the shooting area so guests were able to comfortably dig through our collection of Christmas, New Years and many other fun props. Guests entered the booth from the right-hand side, and there was plenty of space to allow those leaving the area to easily pass by those lined up waiting.

So many people complimented us on our huge selection of props. Guests came through time and time again, each time with an entirely different wardrobe.

To The Nines NYE Event

To The Nines NYE Event

If you’re planning a fund raiser, community event, school activity, wedding, or another large celebration, please consider having FotoFunSpot there. Young, old, or in between, your guests will love a FotoFunSpot photo booth.