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Halloween On Emiline 2020, Pandemic Edition

Welcome to Halloween 2020, Pandemic Edition!

This year we wanted to continue the tradition of having photo booths for those who want to dress up and trick-or-treat around the neighborhood. We also wanted to have activities for those of you who have chosen to stay at home.

Coloring Pages

Here is a fun site with a whole bunch of Halloween coloring pages. (Opens in a separate window and is not related to FotoFunSpot.)


New Music for Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, Shaun Miller (who grew up in Millard Park) has released a fun new song to help get you into a spooky mood. You can search for his music on all major music platforms, but here are some links for your convenience:

“Let’s Get Spooky” on Spotify

“Let’s Get Spooky” on Apple Music

Amazon Music

“Let’s Get Spooky” on YouTube

Virtual Photo Booth

Our Virtual Photo Booth service allows you to participate in a photo booth event from the comfort of wherever you are. Using your smart phone, you can take a photo and

Touch the following QR code (if you are viewing this on your phone), or start your phone’s camera and bring the following QR code into view. When prompted, click on the link to go to our Virtual Photo Booth.

Touchless Photo Booth

This year our photo booths are completely touchless. Using your smart phone, you provide your email address or phone number and our site will produce a QR code. Show the QR code to our photo booth, and it will immediately take your photos and instantly email or text them to you.

While waiting for your turn with the photo booth, please honor the usual social distancing guidelines.

On your phone?

Touch the QR code to begin.

Not on your phone?

Open your phone’s camera and bring this code into view and click the link when prompted.