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Yesterday was Bennington Elementary’s “Rode The Wave” carnival, and FotoFunSpot was there.  The kids ate. it. up.  For two hours kids came into the photo booth, put on their creative thinking caps and dressed up.  Over and over.  We took over 160 group photos and printed nearly 500 prints during our two hour stay.

FotoFunSpot was a huge hit.  I didn’t get a chance to look around much, since the kids kept us very busy, but two notable comments I heard from parents: a) The photo booth was way busier than the other activities, by a long shot, and b) “way better than spending money on a bounce house.”

Even the grown-ups join in on the fun.

If your school, PTO, or parent organization is planning a fundraiser, give us a call to see how a FotoFunSpot photo booth can be the highlight of your event!