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The open-air design of the FotoFunSpot photo booth makes it very flexible. Our photo booth service can be made to work in almost any space. Here are a few examples of how we have had FotoFunSpot setup in the past. Click each picture for examples of the images that were made at each event.

Here is an example of the FotoFunSpot photo booth setup in a school classroom for their annual school carnival.
Bennington Elementary PTO Fundraiser

This wedding had a long narrow area for us. The two venue-provided eight-foot tables were placed end-to-end and used create a distinct photo booth area with lots of access for guests to find props and get prepared for their picture.
Ashley & John photo booth for Allure

At the John Atkinson Rock To Raise event, the FotoFunSpot photo booth was setup in a large corner of the social hall, to the side of the stage. This arrangement allowed people to get prepared and enter from the left and exit to the right, for a smooth, efficient flow through the photo booth.
FFS at the JALCF Rock to Raise Fundraiser

FFS at the JALCF Rock to Raise Fundraiser

This is in one of Creighton University’s chow halls, at their Late Night Breakfast event. The corner we were in was entirely surrounded by glass, which act as large mirrors when it is dark outside.
FFS at Creighton University's Late Night Breakfast

FotoFunSpot’s flexibility allows for many layouts the accommodate any venue. If you have questions about how FotoFunSpot’s photo booth might fit into your celebration, please give us a call.

FotoFunSpot is a premium open-air style photo booth specializing in large, fast paced groups. FotoFunSpot is the perfect photo booth for weddings, quinceañeras, corporate events, birthday parties, proms, and school events. Call us today to book a FotoFunSpot photo booth at your celebration.

If you would like FotoFunSpot at your school event, please contact us!