Restarting The Photo Booth

The following process assumes the photo booth has not had AC power for an extended time, and has powered off on account of depleting the internal battery.

Restore power – ring light and side lights will come on.

Tablet will show “battery low” symbol in the middle of the screen.

Allow it to charge for about 10 minutes.  It will boot on its own when battery is ready.  If screen goes to sleep, simply flip power switch on bottom, back of booth to off, then on.  Screen will wake up.

With your index finger, swipe upward from the bottom, center of the screen.

Tablet will ask for an unlock code.  Type in code provided.

Touch the photo booth app — bottom of screen at the center, black square with gray circles.

Touch the respective event on the screen

Touch “Start Booth” halfway down, far right side of screen.

On camera preview, touch “Start Booth” (very bottom of screen).

You should be ready to take photos.