wpid1253-130504-0317483-Copy-1-featured.jpgFotoFunSpot is a photo booth like no other.  We have the largest selection of props, fastest printing, and can accommodate the largest groups!  And, you can get it all on sale this summer.

FotoFunSpot has more props than any other photo booth we’ve ever seen.  Your guests will love coming through the photo booth multiple times, each time with a whole different look.  Hats, masks, magic wands, ponies (no, not live ones), super heroes, swords, FotoFunSpot has it all.  Our prop inventory is constantly changing and constantly growing!

FotoFunSpot has printing like no other photo booth.  Our generous unlimited printing is unmatched in the photo booth business.  Every guest in the picture gets a copy, every time they come through, and they’re welcome to as many times as they want.  Our high speed printer is able to keep up even with the highest-energy guests, printing over 500 prints per hour!

wpid1276-130602-0318541-©2013MitchMiller.jpgFotoFunSpot’s open-air design accommodates the largest groups of guests.  We have photographed groups with as many as 50 people in them!  Of course, it’s not every day you get that many in one group, but FotoFunSpot works great with whole families, or the entire wedding party.  Bring ’em in, there’s always room for another!

And right now, you can save big money on Omaha’s fastest, largest-group, most-propped (is that even a thing?) photo booth service.  You can have a 2 hour FotoFunSpot at your party for only $495.  For only $100/hour, you can extend your FotoFunSpot up to five hours, so everyone gets a chance to come through.

If you would like FotoFunSpot at your event, please contact us today.  402-915-1386 or email us at TakeMyPicture@fotofunspot.com.