Using FotoFunSpot EXPRESS

Setting Up The Booth

Setup the stand

  • Loosen the knob where the three legs come together.
  • Pull the three legs open until they are wide enough to provide a solid base.
  • Tighten the know so the legs don’t adjust while booth is being used.

Attach the top

  • Remove the top from the padded case and attach it to the top of the stand.  Make sure the pole comes all the way through the top of the mount.
  • Use the attached wrench to lightly tighten the screws so the head piece doesn’t slide down the pole.
  • Loosen the knob just below the mount and extend the pole to the desired height.

Power Up

  • There is a switch on the battery pack on the back of the head.  Turn the power switch on.  The lights on the front will come on, and the 

Running The Booth

Packing Up The Booth