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What is FotoFunSpot?  Is it a photo booth?

FotoFunSpot combines the capacity and flexibility of a mobile studio with all of the fun of props and silliness of a traditional hard-walled photo booth, and brings it to your celebration.

FotoFunSpot is an “open air” style photo booth. Without the constraints of a hard walls, FotoFunSpot is able to host as many as 20 people in front of our backdrop, and has had groups as large as 50 people photographed at once. FotoFunSpot is hosted by a professional photographer captures the action as it happens, rather than when a computer says smile. Our professional photography equipment fully lights the scene and captures pictures like you would find in a studio, rather than what you get from a point and shoot camera, and our professional backdrops ensure your guests won’t look like they’ve been photographed in a cave.

We setup your choice of backdrops in a space that can accommodate 10 people (or more), without getting trampled.  Standard FotoFunSpot service includes tubs and tubs of props, way more than you’d even get through in our longest booking. Studio lighting and professional camera equipment captures the creativity your guests put into each pose. High resolution image files of every picture are included for your personal keepsake collection. Get as crazy as you want, our photographer will capture the action as it happens!

With our instant printing option, every guest will receive a custom designed souvenir print of every picture they are in. It’s what we call “truly unlimited printing.” And, with our high speed printer, there’s no long wait to get your prints. Prints may be the standard 4×6 size, or photo booth style strips with up to four pictures on each. We give special attention to your event by customizing the print design to match your theme.

FotoFunSpot is so much more than just a photo booth.

What area do you serve?

FotoFunSpot serves the greater Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs metros.  We’ll even throw in one hour of travel at no extra cost, just so you can have the best at your party.

What do you mean “premium” photo booth?

We do everything we can to make sure you are getting the best no-booth photo booth possible.  For example, we use a high speed printer that is capable of over 500 prints per hour.  Now, we don’t expect we can even take that many pictures in an hour, but we definitely don’t want you to have to wait 20 minutes for your print, or another 15 minutes waiting for a second copy.  We think 10 seconds is about right.

We offer multiple layouts on our prints that can accommodate as many as 4 images.  Photo booth strips with 3 images and a personalized caption are a very popular option.  Choose from any of our individually designed and customized layouts, all at no extra charge.

Photo booths and the service that FotoFunSpot offers is all about having a great time at your birthday party, wedding reception, or corporate event.  FotoFunSpot’s staff is friendly and fun and interactive! We have as much fun as you do, and it shows.

How much space do you need?

Because FotoFunSpot is a flexible on-site studio, we can utilize lots of different spaces.  The shooting area should be no less than 10′ long and 8′ wide.  Of course, the wider, the better (fully extended, we need about 12′ for our backdrop).  In addition, we need adjacent space for two 8′ rectangular tables, and enough room for people to freely come and go without tripping over each other (or the photographer).