Don't Forget the Entertainment!
June 2024

Planning an event can be cumbersome. Between timelines, floorplans, menus and staff, the likelihood of forgetting something is high. After you’ve greeted your guests with custom signature drinks, had a meal to die for, and the speeches are done… what do your guest do now? 

You simply cannot forget the entertainment! Yes there is live music and dessert to have, but what about a little something extra? Something fun and something your guests can take with them to remember the event? 

FotoFunSpot has dozens of photobooths to add to your special day! Props, prints, a 360 Booth, and more! Our state-of-the-art booth are sure to keep the laughs going and the memories fresh for years to come! 

Spring is here
May 2024

FotoFunSpot’s favorite time of year is Spring! 

The trees and flowers are in bloom, the sun is out, and it’s time to let Tilly out of the garage! We’ve dusted off her curtains, shined her rims and loaded the film… she is ready. 

Tilly, our early 1950’s camper turned photobooth prints photos, comes with vintage accessories, and sends images immediately to your phone. She is a show stopper, and she should be at your next event. 

Contact us NOW to book her for your next event!

Staff Spotlight
April 2024

Kayla Braun

“I truly do love working for FFS. We are more than just a team of people, we are more like family. I feel blessed to be a part of it.” -Kayla Braun

Meet Kayla, our Photo Booth Administrator. When she isn’t working the booths at one of the events, she is keeping us all organized. This woman embodies what every employee should aspire to be; fun and hardworking. She might just be the ‘personality hire’!  After a year of work at FotoFunSpot, we’ve quickly learned we can’t live without her. 

In her spare time from FotoFunSpot and being a full time mom, she likes to crochet, read, bake, and play board games. A true Disney fanatic, her dream vacation would be to anything Disney related, and if there were to be a book about her life it might be titled “Magic Mama”. Fitting. 

We hope you have the pleasure of meeting this Magic Mama at one of our events. She is sure to make any event a blast!

Staff SpotLight 

March 2024

Dallas Beams

On our newly created feature of Staff Spotlight we will be telling you a bit about each of our staff members. This weeks edition will be about our Sales and Marketing Specialist, Dallas Beams!

Dallas has been in the Omaha wedding industry for over six years, and has done everything from wedding management to social media content creator. Her passion for creating a special day for Omaha engaged couples is palpable upon the first talk you might have with her. 

Currently, Dallas is on her sixth month of full time travel around the US. This life long dream began in July of 2023 when she purchased an RV and took her family of four (and her cat) and headed east! She has hit 28 states thus far and has no plans of stopping! 

Check out her journey: