Our Backdrops

We offer a number of premium photo booth backdrops, and can even order custom backdrops designs. Please use the names under each image when referring to your backdrop selection so we are sure to get the right one for you. Backdrops are subject to availability (we will contact you if your photo booth backdrop choice is unavailable on your event date).

Check out our holiday backdrops here: Holiday Backdrops

Gold Sparkly Sequins
Falling Sparkles
Wood Wall With Draped Lights
White Leather Cushion
Black Leather Cusion
Solid White
Solid Black
Floral w/ White Center
Bright Floral Wall
80s Disco Sparkles
3D Colored Blocks
Abstract Geometric Colors
Red/White Mermaid
Gold Sequins
Large Silver Sequins
Blue Sequins
Ivory Rosettes (also available in bright red and royal blue)
Chroma Key Green (for virtual backgrounds)