FotoFunSpot Means Business!

When people mention photo booths, it is usually in the context of a wedding, holiday party, or another type of celebration.  FotoFunSpot photo booths can also be a strong business builder.


Working with your Corporate Communications team, FotoFunSpot can build a photo template that strongly represents your brand.  Photos from every photo booth session can be inserted into a template that matches your style and includes recognizable elements such as your company logo.


FotoFunSpot photo booths can ask questions of your guests as part of their photo session.  Would you like to know if they already follow your social media pages?  How about when they last purchased a new car?  What if you knew they prefer caramel over chocolate?

What information would help you better connect with your customers?


People love the world of social media and today’s customers love sharing photos they took at your business.  But how do you get them to tag your business?  How do you get your information in front of their friends?

A FotoFunSpot photo booth is a great way to create a branded photo and means to encourage your customers to share the photo and tag your company.  Use the photo booth to create social engagement like referrals, and contests.