Safe Santa Photos for Retirement Communities

Are you looking for fun and creative ways to connect your residents to their families? Our Virtual Photo Booth is one near-perfect solution.

The Perfect Photo-OpP. for 2020

The virtual photo booth is a near perfect solution for safely taking Santa photos with residents at retirement communities and assisted living facilities.  No one, from outside the organization has to come in to take the photos.  The photo booth can be extended across departments and living areas, so multiple members of your organization can be taking photos concurrently.  The photo booth event lasts two weeks, so there’s no pressure to take a photo now!  Photos can be taken when residents want to participate.

Easy To Use

Our virtual photo booth service doesn’t require you to install any apps.  You don’t need any logins or passwords.  Simply click the link we send you, and you’re ready to begin.

The process is very short and simple to use:

  1. Click the link we send you
  2. Take a photo
  3. Choose a background
  4. Email it to yourself

Phone or Computer: You Choose

The virtual booth is especially flexible, too.  You can take new photos right on your phone, or upload existing photos from your camera roll.  Or, if you’d rather, use your computer or tablet to upload photos or capture new ones using your webcam.

Virtual Background & Photo Frame

After the photo is taken, our virtual photo booth automatically removes the background from the photo, and replaces it with a virtual backdrop of your choice.  The photo is then “slipped” into a digital frame and finalized so you can download the composite.

Your FotoFunSpot Virtual Photo Booth may have as many as three photo layouts (templates), and three different virtual backdrops.  Both virtual backdrop, and the photo layout are entirely customizable.  Would you like a photo of your decorated social area as the background?  No problem, send us a photo and we’ll make that one of the backdrop options.

Share & Print

In today’s digital world, everyone wants to “post and share.”  The digital photos from our virtual photo booth are ready to be shared on social media, and are sized suitably to send as an email attachment.

If prints are desired, the digital files are pre-sized and ready to be sent to your favorite local print lab.  The images are formatted for a postcard-size (4×6″) print.


With packages starting as low as $99, there is a virtual photo booth package for even the smallest budget.

Ready To Get Started?

Let us know you’d like more information about the process by filling out the form below. We’ll get you some pricing and details on how to get started right away!